Thank Heaven for Little Boys 2 .....Cowboys :)

And Cowgirls! ;)


Tori said...

Very cute little boy!! Great pics!

Mia said...

How cute! Elijah is such a character :) Love the pictures!

H said...

Oh... those pictures are so cute! You did a great job of capturing him.

I just found your blog and I've enjoyed looking through the archives! I am also a christian photographer. I'm homeschooled and in my sophomore year of high school. What camera do you use? I use an Olympus Evolt E-520 and L.O.V.E. it!

God bless you...


Alyssa Scott said...

Thanks so much for the comments everyone!

Hannah I am so glad you enjoyed looking through my photos! I LOVE meeting other fellow Christian photographers! I use a Nikon D90. I really like it! <3
How long have you been taking pictures as an interest?

H said...

Hi Alyssa!

Thanks for getting back with me!

I've had an interest in photography all my life, but I only got my business up and running this summer. Do you do any photography jobs?



Alyssa Scott said...

Wow that's great! How exciting! I have done some unofficial stuff, like senior shoots and such.

Lydia Caroline said...

He is too cute! Reminds me of my little brother. Great pictures! Feel free to stop by my blog- www.sscphotography.blogspot.com,

Many Blessings,

The Sisters said...

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks so much for the sweet comments you left on my blogs! I enjoy hearing from you. I have been doing photography since I got my camera about a year ago, so I haven't been doning it for a real long time. Hope you are having a blessed day!

Much Love,

~Lydia Caroline~

Melanie said...

That makes for one cute cowboy (and purty cowgirl). ;) Love the pictures, Alyssa!