Maddie 13


Happy Early Birthday Baby Sister! :)


Terrell and Lynda said...

Gee...Maddison looks so thin. Your are, 3 Beautiful girls. Alyssa, these pictures are great. You are Good Girl.

Morgan said...

You're so lovely Maddie! {notice: I did not say 'cute'!}
Great Job Lyssa!

Bethany said...

Great job on these! Of course it does help when the subject is beautiful!
To answer you question, I have been taking pictures seriously for about a year (after I got my my D40X) before that I just had a Kodak and was just taking pictures to test out the territory! How long have you been taking pictures?

Madison said...

Wow, I look way different even from then! sCaRy!!

BTW you need to do another post. It's been a few months!