4:00-5:45 and DOF!!!

I have FINALLY figured out how to use DOF (depth of field) and I am now in love with it! 
So what do you do with such a photogenic family and a new technique??
Practice Photo Shoots! :D 

And of course none of this would have been possible with out my professional Light Defuser Holder Elijah

The girls had fun with the new found defuser too

 "Alright ladies, lets share...." some things never change ;)

 Love this one! And the two pretty ladies you see! 

This girl don't play around! ;)


Morgan said...

ooo! I love them! And of course you know you totally captured abby and maddie's personalities with these. ;)
that lighting is the bomb.

Suzanne said...

Wow, great pics!!

Melanie said...


I LOVE THESE!!! :) I can't wait for our shoot tomorrow. You girls will have to help me with my hair etc. for the different outfits I bring.

I LOVE these pics. :)Wonderful job.

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Alyssa, these are fantastic! :) And beautiful models to work with, too! ;)

Girl, I wish I lived closer to you; it'd be so fun to do some photo shoots.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have GORGEOUS siblings! They are SO cute!

You should be proud to walk in public with them. I love picture 23, and 24.

Just... wow.
(Nice photography by the way...)

Madison said...

I agree with the person above..... Love ya! ;)

Terrell and Lynda said...

Alyssa, These are Beautiful. Your Photography, your models...all PERFECT !! {We Are Proud of YOU}.
Papa & Granny

Kendall said...

You guys are way to photogenic for your own good! Ya'll are just dang perfect.
I love you guys!
The pictures are awesome! I love picture 24!!!